A US scale-up engineered a cloud-based AI that enables user videos to “talk back”. ITIDO helps with developing web apps for content management for end users and organizations.


Remember the dusty black-and-white photos from the old times? They are much cherished yet they don’t allow for lively interaction. That’s precisely the thing we all miss when our grandparents – and everyone else captured on those paper sheets – are long gone.

The advent of home video equipment in the 1980s took us a step further. Using tape-based cameras and, later, smartphones, families record conversations and funny moments with their loved ones. But that’s not very interactive either. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), powerful digital technologies are changing this for the better.

Enter algorithms

One of ITIDO’s scale-up partners engineered a cloud-based solution that enables user videos to “talk back”. AI-powered algorithms match a viewer’s questions to pre-recorded video clips with answers on a wide variety of topics thus creating a seamless conversational experience.

Headquartered in California, the scale-up develops two parallel product lines. The initial software product invites ordinary people to record pre-scripted conversations with someone they care about. Using AI and natural language processing (NLP), the system then analyzes the recordings. After that they are prepared for the next time someone – a child or a widow, for instance – wants to “talk” to their beloved relative. During the free trial the number of questions is capped; the paid options offer no limits.

In many areas beyond family relations life-like engagement can also be fostered. The second, subscription-based web product aims to make interactions in public and corporate environments more human. Starting with a self-administered questionnaire for the specific use case, organizations craft their stories and upload them wherever it’s needed. In addition, the software features built-in tools to help these organizations improve the AI accuracy of interpretation. The service is available in 20 languages including English and Chinese.

The platform is already used by some Fortune 500 companies. The list of its commercial applications is growing: online training and corporate education, interactive museum tours, next-generation customer service, help desks, metaverse environments and so on.

The connection between AI and customers

To help customers make the most of the AI/NLP technology, a truly engaging interface is a must. ITIDO’s engineering team is part of the effort to build the two web applications geared towards end users and organizations, respectively.

Vanya Kuneva, Senior Front-End Engineer at ITIDO

We apply the latest novelties in the world of JavaScript to make the interface modern and intuitive

Vanya Kuneva, Senior Front-End Engineer at ITIDO

“We apply the latest novelties in the world of JavaScript to make the interface modern and intuitive”, says Vanya Kuneva, ITIDO’s senior software engineer on the project. That requires from us complete knowledge of frameworks like React and Next.js and uncompromising attention to detail. In particular, our engineers work on the products’ navigation and dashboard functionalities as well as the so-called learning center that helps with onboarding new users.

“It is very exciting to be part of something so innovative, technologically advanced and yet carrying such a deep emotional drive”, Vanya, our senior engineer, adds.

ITIDO is part of the scale-up’s journey for over a year. In that period, the number of users generating AI-powered videos grew exponentially. So did the lively interaction between people, both at home and in public.

Technologies we use in the project:

  • React
  • Next.js
  • Tailwind


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