Collaboration with one of the top software development companies in Bulgaria


Sharing knowledge is one of our core company values. So we have started leading regular lectures on various topics dedicated to popular technologies with a team member as a lecturer. The lectures are attended by the team members and partners, so the shared knowledge is on an even larger scale.

React Native is gradually becoming more popular among developers, which is why knowledge sharing about the framework is essential based on its growing demand. Thanks to the collaboration with one of the top software development companies in Bulgaria – Strypes, software developers from both companies were able to learn more about React Native technology.  

Lyubomir Bandrov presented a really inspiring lecture on React Native. Lyubomir is part of our team from 2016. He is an experienced Senior Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Web development, Java, NodeJS, Angular, Vue, React and React Native. 

The lecture was live streamed so that all members of Development teams would be able to participate in, although not on site. Front-end developers from both companies shared common impressions and considerable knowledge when working with React Native. 

This was one of many regular lectures we organise in the field of Front-end development and Mobile applications. The lecture enjoyed great attendance, great interest and many discussions. The event was really fruitful for all involved.

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