“At ITIDO I strengthened my understanding that you can have a career path and development not only in corporations.”


As a senior software engineer who has worked for outsourcing as well as product-oriented corporations, I got a pretty big experience with all kinds of working environments and attitude. Before I started my ITIDO journey, I was at a crossroads in my career – to join another corporation or to join this boutique company.
After my meeting with the management team of ITIDO, the path was undoubtedly clear for me. I met super positive people, working in a family-like, friendly environment. I was very excited about how people in the company talked freely with each other, provided ideas for improvements, and were heard.

Аs a Java backend engineer, I’m part of Scrum team who works on and develops internal products and solutions with our partner. Our goal is to digitalize internal processes and to make more automation workflows and improve company productivity. My job and my team provide me the flexibility to upskill myself when working on various tasks like frontend, DevOps, Clouds, etc.

Internally to the company my role is to help people grow and feel happy about what they’re doing. As a People Lead of a team, I prepare an annual upskills plan, and help my buddies through the whole process of education, mentor them in the additional projects and tasks as part of their program. In such a company, the culture fit is the most important aspect for me. I help the younger colleagues to realize the depth and the meaning of their job, not just “writing code”.

In the ITIDO team we are happy, positive people, hungry for knowledge and best practices in a great working environment.

We organize lots of fun activities – going to a bar, creating a jam session after work, or just grabbing some beers and having a good chat – it is great example for nice work-life balance.

At ITIDO I strengthened my understanding that you can have a career path and development not only in corporations. Quite the opposite! By participating in the scaling of a company, in addition to witnessing the events “from the first row”, it is much easier to find your place and get the chance that you have been waiting for years in the corporation much faster. Having the freedom to find the solutions myself, rather than blindly following the mapped processes, inspires me to want more of myself.

Everything is so cool. It sounds like magic, but there is a real IT paradise, and for me it’s called ITIDO!


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