Let’s share our goals and how we’re trying to achieve them


ITIDO mission 

We help two categories of partners, enterprises and start-ups.

  1. Enterprise partners

For our enterprise partners, we specialise in building sophisticated software solutions for the digitalisation of business processes. We help them automate and modernise their existing ways of working for the betterment of their workforce and bottom-line.

ITIDO is the partner you need and can trust, who will take care of the job and add value at every step of the way.

  1. Startup partners

The support we offer to our startup partners usually revolves around designing and building MVPs to help them test their market and validate their offering. In addition to software development, we offer mentorship and support to help fledgling companies go out with their best foot forward.

At ITIDO, we understand fully what many startups are going through and we are here to help. Common challenges you may be faced with include immature product development processes, lack of technical expertise, budget limitations, and other constraints.

By leveraging our experience, our startup partners are able to achieve significant advantages that allow them to position themselves more competitively. 

Instead of worrying about the technical complexities, our startup partners have more time and energy to focus on working on the business while we provide the talent they need and the right resources.

We believe that by investing in you in your early stages, we can grow together and reap the rewards to come.

ITIDO core company values

  1. Dedication is our guide to delivering quality software on time. Our partners can see it in our daily communication. We strive to deliver the best solutions and services and to exceed their expectations.
  2. Involvement in your idea, team, and project. Involvement with our partners and with each other. We are like a big family!
  3. Expertise and skill sets – the key to effective software architecture, design, and consulting. Over the years we’ve had the privilege to build considerable expertise. IT is what WE DO – we live and breathe it. 
  4. Codecraft – embracing the craftsman’s soul WE DO innovation. Beyond just “coding” software, we see it as a craft that must be mastered with decades of diligence and devotion. We call it ‘codecraft’ and live by it every day.

Further to the above core values, we also believe in:

  1. Sharing knowledge – we believe that we can grow together only when we share. With our partners we share their risk, with our team we share knowledge. At ITIDO we have many ways of sharing knowledge and in our vision this is the best way to get better at what we do.     
  2. Respecting people – we create a fruitful environment for our team where everyone feels free and open to share their ideas and feedback. To feel valued is a must! 
  3. An individual approach to both our partners and our team members. We appreciate each partner and team member and feel invested in their dreams, goals and aspirations, and value their input on the projects on which we collaborate. We understand that each individual and organisation are a unique constellation of factors that we must be sensitive to and respect. Our aim is to help everyone reach their full potential and offer help and support where possible. And most importantly, WE DO IT together!


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