Leading software companies in Bulgaria are members of the association


We are very proud that our company is a member of Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASSCOM). 

Leading software companies in Bulgaria are members of the association. Some of the main BASSCOM’ objectives are listed below and we contribute to their achievement:

  1. encourage member-companies to improve quality of service, master modern technologies and provide innovative solutions – we adopt best practices and constantly develop team skills  
  2. assist the development of the industry’s legal framework and work with the government to establish a healthy business climate – our management is part of many working groups
  3. promote fair competition – we respect people and follow core company values
  4. foster relations with global IT players, investment sources and educational institutions – we built many partnerships with technology corporations and worldwide enterprises
  5. raise the level of IT awareness in Bulgaria – we provide sophisticated software solutions for the digitalisation of business processes
  6. advance the image of the Bulgarian software industry abroad and establish Bulgaria as a recognized presence in the global software development market – we have partners on 4 continents

Some of the BASSCOM activities which our company participates in are:

  1. Bulgarians Abroad Initiative – “REturn” aims to support Bulgarian professionals living abroad, giving them a chance to become part of the rapidly growing IT industry in Bulgaria;
  2. Education and Science – “Profession Software Developer” is a national program for professional qualification “programmer” for high school students (grade 9-12);
  3. Many projects and workgroups for national policy and software industry development.

Тhanks to our membership in the association, we have found many new opportunities for development and business relationships. 

More information about BASSCOM can be found here.

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