Who we are, the partners we serve and a brief history of journey so far


Who We Are

At our core, ITIDO is a software company. We build sophisticated solutions for our partners that solve real-world problems. 

But we don’t just leave it there.  We are a trusted partner to our clients and are devoted to nurturing long-term partnerships and lifelong relationships.

Beyond just “coding” software, we see it as a craft that must be mastered with decades of diligence and devotion. We call it Codecraft and live by it every day.

The Partners We Serve

Over the years, we have built an extensive network of partners on four continents, some of whom are based in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Bulgaria, and the United Arab Emirates.

We help two categories of partners, enterprises and start-ups.

For our enterprise partners, we specialise in building sophisticated software solutions for the digitalisation of business processes. We help them automate and modernise their existing ways of working for the betterment of their workforce and bottom-line.

The support we offer to our start-up partners most often revolves around designing and building MVPs to help them test their market and validate their offering. In addition to software development, we offer mentorship and support to help fledgling companies go out with their best foot forward.

A Brief History of Journey So Far 

Before ITIDO

It all started with our co-founders, Christo Stoyanov and Christian Makedonsky. They became friends while working together in a telecommunications company and later cut their teeth as software developers.

With the entrepreneurial spirit brooding inside them, they decided to start their own software company in 2014 – Future Soft. They worked on various web based projects that came their way.

Christo and Christian had a dream to one day build their own software products, but they remained patient and continued serving their partners with the utmost care. They knew that the right time and circumstances would present themselves soon enough, so they relished in advancing their software development expertise and gaining the business knowledge that will one day play a pivotal role in such endeavours.

An Opportunity from Africa

In February 2015, a big opportunity came for us. We were tasked with building an SMS quiz game for a partner in Kenya.

The project was a complex challenge requiring integrations with all the mobile operators in Kenya – Orange, Safaricom. and Airtel – and we thoroughly enjoyed grappling with it.

In the end, the game was a great success, with more than 2.5 million users registering and playing it with just the first four months of its release!

Becoming an Outsourcing Provider

In 2016, we became a member of the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASSCOM). We began providing outsourcing services and increasing our team size while continuing to build on our expertise and optimising our processes. 

Our confidence as a company grew, and in 2017 we started working with NOKIA. At this point, our work capacity and tempo started increasing steadily. 

We also started working with Aurubis, EPSON, Nexmo, ICT, Monbat, etc. 

Rebranding to ITIDO

In 2019, we decided to take the company in a new direction. We felt that we needed to re-align our culture and values with an updated brand that could take us into the next stage of our growth.

We wanted our new brand, ITIDO, to represent our dedication to delivering quality software on time and our deep involvement with our partners’ ideas, team, and projects. 

We see ourselves as so much more than a vendor. Yes, we have the expertise, but by embracing the craftsman’s soul, we continue to learn, refine, and share our knowledge with our partners – and they see and appreciate it.

Launching Olanga – A Platform For Sustainable Food Consumption

Our greatest passion has always been developing our own software products. That’s why it brought us immense satisfaction to have finally released our own software solution. 

Together with our partners from Switzerland, we developed Olanga – a platform for sustainable food consumption that connects stakeholders in the value chain from food production to end-consumption.

Olanga is a multi-service platform with a mission to reduce food waste and we will continue to expand its offerings in the areas of smart catering, smart farming, and environmental consulting and education.

To read more about it, check out the case study.

What can ITIDO do for YOU?

So that’s a bit about us. But what about you? 

Who are you? What do you do? How can we help you do it better?

We’re always looking to build new partnerships with companies like yours. Why don’t you drop us a line today and break the ice?

Let’s DO IT together!


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