Sharing knowledge is one of the ITIDO company values


At ITIDO we share knowledge as part of our company culture. That’s why we organise regular training at ITIDO office with a member of our team as a lecturer. Training sessions are dedicated to various topics – Java, Python, JS, HTML, CSS, React, PERN, etc. ITIDO team members are involved in various projects and they face many challenges working on but they gain new knowledge and experience. During the internal training team members in his/her role as a lecturer share best practices and own expertise with the whole ITIDO team. All of us are keen on new technologies and tools and we are eager to keep learning.

Thanks to regular training ITIDO team members develop their skill sets. New skills allow the ITIDO team to undertake a greater variety of work and to overcome new opportunities. This improves ITIDO’ ability to implement and realise new company goals. In this way ITIDO also constantly improves productivity.

We believe that benefits are both to the company and to ITIDO team members. ITIDO training strategy involves regular training and improvement of people so that they, and the company, can achieve their objectives and both personal and corporate goals.

Before the Training

ITIDO organises meetings between each team member in his/her role as a trainee and the team leader, the development team manager and the CTO. ITIDO analyzes and assesses what skills and knowledge team members need to excel in their job responsibilities and the gaps in their existing knowledge and skill sets. 

During the Training

There are several advantages of spacing out and delivering internal training in regular sessions. When trainees complete each session, they get an opportunity to apply their newly-acquired knowledge. ITIDO assigns a mentor for each trainee. Mentors are also ITIDO team members and they elaborate realistic action plans to help and to guide trainees. 

After the Training

We all learn best when we have buddies to learn from, examples to follow and friends to share with. The internal learning process also increases team members motivation and facilitates a smooth transfer of the knowledge.

Sharing knowledge is one of the ITIDO core company values. Outlining growth roadmaps for ITIDO team members and growing together as a team is one of our goals.

This is how skills and knowledge are exchanged among teammates. WE share and WE grow together.

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