Olanga – Product development powered by ITIDO

A platform for sustainable food consumption that connects stakeholders in the value chain from food production to end-consumption, Olanga is a multi-service platform with a clear mission: “Less food waste is a win-win for all”.The company is active in the areas of smart catering, smart farming, and environmental consulting and education. Through the platform, farmers having cosmetically imperfect (yet edible) produce can find industrial and small-scale food processors thus reducing the risk of avoidable food waste.


Olanga is the Swiss solution for sustainable food consumption and Food Waste reduction in the gastronomy. Olanga leads to sustainable cost savings and Food Waste reduction and helps to protect natural resources.

Their challenge:

One million meals are offered daily in Switzerland.  Over 56,000 tons of good food are wasted in 1360 Swiss canteens.  The main problem is that the canteens doesn’t know how many people will eat today and what are their food preferences are.  This is why they prepare more food in order to cover all the needs of different customers. The surplus food ends up in the bin and leads to very high costs for the canteens.  Purchase and disposal of avoidable Food Waste costs already the Swiss catering trade an estimated 1 billion Swiss francs per year.

The solution:

Connecting all interested parties in the food value chain and provide them with the right tools to communicate better and sell better this will decrease the amount of food waste.
Together with a group of scientists, Food waste experts and the software engineers from ITIDO, we developed a platform called Olanga.

The first module of Olanga focuses at the Swiss catering industry and offers a solution for this problem.  Using OLANGA the end customers can express their food preferences long time before they actually visit the canteen.  This allows the canteens to avoid overproduction, to reduce personnel costs. They know what the customers wants. Any leftover food can be bought at the end of the day through OLANGA at a discounted price.  

OLANGA practically eliminates the amount of wasted food in the canteens and reduces significantly the overall costs and the environmental impact of the company. The canteen use also Olanga for marketing purposes and customer acquisition.  Olanga gives the canteen also a unique competitive advantage . It helps the canteens to understand better what the customer preferences are and how to perform better by receiving an immediate customer feedback.

Technologies used: Python(Django), MySQL, ReactNative and Nginx