NOKIA – Development of OSS/BSS systems

Software development, automation and testing of Operational Support Systems(OSS) and Business Support Systems(BSS) for the biggest telecommunication providers for all around the world.


Nokia is a global leader in creating the technologies at the heart of our connected world. By bringing quality to our connected lives, Nokia has long-standing relationships with CSPs, including fixed, mobile, converged and cable network operators, located around the world. Nokia solutions help transform the customers’ business and their networks.

Their challenge:

After the acquisition of Comptel by Nokia on February 9, 2017, Nokia increased their service portfolio. With the combination of OSS, BSS, analysis, security, and cloud technology they are now able to offer better telecom services and cloud operations all over the world..

Nokia approached ITIDO with the need of a local partner with experience in the field of software development for the telecommunications sector, modernization and integration of Operations Support Systems (OSS), and Business Support Systems (BSS).

Organizational challenge:

Many changes in the organizational structure appeared. Nokia was experiencing challenges in:

  • Transferring the new product knowledge to the development and integration teams.
  • Finding talents with specific domain knowledge in the telecom industry.

The solution:

During the past several years ITIDO has been working with the major telecom operators such as Orange, Safaricom, and Airtel. ITIDO’s previous experience in the telecom industry helped us to better adapt in Nokia’s ecosystem and to quickly transfer the Domain knowledge.

IITIDO not only extended Nokia’s Software Development and Integration teams, but also brought knowledge and know-how by helping Nokia to optimize the Software development and Testing of OSS/BSS processes by automating them. We also developed new tools which reduced the time for software development and deployment.

ITIDO’s collaboration started only as an extension to Nokia’s team. However, ITIDO’s full devotion to the project and using of best practices by agile approach brought this partnership to the next level. ITIDO proved and continues to prove that it’s a reliable partner, which exceeded Nokia’s expectations for delivering and scaling . Now ITIDO has ownership of several components and has even bigger responsibilities.

Technologies used: Python, Java, OSS/BSS, NEI, SRI, BST and FlowOne