Monbat – Digital transformation powered by ITIDO

MONBAT – Development of a custom enterprise system that digitalizes the current process of Monbat for collecting and managing all product data, documents, and customer requests.


Monbat Group is one of the leading battery producers in Europe. The company operates under two main business segments: Lead-acid and Lithium-ion batteries. With worldwide presence in over 60 countries and market capitalization over €131 000 000 Monbat is among the strongest economic groups in Bulgaria.

Their challenge:

Following global trends for digitalization and improving production capacity by software solutions, Monbat Group came to us with a request to develop a tool for easier and faster distribution of information between product designers, engineers and manufacturing facilities. They wanted to have a central system for storage of all product data and specifications with the following requirements:

  • Web application with easy to use and responsive UI.
  • Scalable data storage
  • Product history and audit information
  • User roles and authorization system
  • Excel files import, export and update.
Monbat Catalog

The process:

  1. Agile approach with regular changes in requirements until the perfect solution is reached
  2. Regular demonstrations and testing from business perspective.
  3. Automated continues delivery.
  4. Technologies: Spring Framework, ReactJS, MySQL, NodeJS, Material Design