Knowdeon – Developing an MVP for learning management system

Knowdeon engaged ITIDO with MVP development for their Learning Management System.


Knowdeon is a San Francisco Bay Area-based company that delivers MBA-level online courses.

Their challenge:

High quality courses to be presented by Learning Management System (LMS) in order to reach larger number of interested students and give them the opportunity to be part of an interactive virtual classroom.

The main objective was to transform the real classroom into a virtual one.

Courses are led by top lecturers from The University of Berkeley and students who participate online are able to have an experience that is close to an actual physical presence. Through the interactive LMS they are able to collaborate with each other, raise hands, and even participate in a discussion.

The solution:

MVP development for Knowdeon LMS. MVP manages tracking, reporting, and delivery aspects of educational courses.

Technologies used: Python (Django), MySQL, JavaScript and Nginx