ICT Group Netherlands – Development of a software code quality system

ICT – Web-based platform that measures a software quality of more than 4000 developers all around the world.


ICT Group N.V. (ICT), established in 1978, is a leading industrial technology solutions and services provider. With over 1100 dedicated professionals in the field, ICT Group translate new and innovative technologies into relevant business solutions. Within our focus areas Smarter Cities, Smarter Industries and Smarter Healthcare ICT serve the following key industries: Transport & Logistics, Automotive & Mobility, Energy, Water & Infrastructure, Healthcare, Industry, Machines & Systems and High Technology.

Their challenge:

  • Need of temporary software development assistance for one of their major customers. The Project duration was 18 months and includes the phases of development, testing and support.
  • Reducing the technical risk by using a partner with previous expertise in developing a web based platform for measuring software code quality.
  • The need of solid understanding of the software development data tools such as: Coding Standards, Code Coverage, Abstract Interpretation, Cyclomatic Complexity, Compiler Warnings, Code Duplication and Security.
  • Need for Speed – Tough delivery deadline which was considered as one of the main factors for the success for this project.

Technologies involved: Python, Php, Tiobe TICS, MySQL, Nginx and JavaScript

The solution:

We established a successful collaboration with our colleagues from Strypes – a company which is part of ICT Group. That was our first pilot project with ICT. After it’s successful completion ITIDO and ICT launched several other projects and build a strong partnership relations.

How we did it:

1st phase – In order to establish a better communication and human to human relation we sent one of our most experienced software engineers and technical leads in Strypes office. They had a chance to meet the team with which they will communicate daily. 

During the on-boarding process which took place in Strypes office the teams established a good relation.  This also helped our team to truly understand the project, the customer requirements and goals.

2nd phase – With the knowledge we built the right team structure, we planned the architecture design, prepared everything needed for the initial setup and defined the right process.

3rd phase – Delivery:

  • Single point of contact – ITIDO Product Manager ensured that the Product Backlog was visible, transparent, and clear to all. The PM also ordered the items, optimized the value of the work and guaranteed the correctness of the information between the teams.
  • Regular performance reviews – each Quarter ITIDO evaluated the team performance and provided feedback to all team members. This helped ITIDO to improve team performance.
  • Regular on-site visits – when the people know each other is far more effective to work together, share knowledge and help each other. This is why ITIDO organized regular on-site visits which made the collaboration even more successful.  As a result of that, the team members became friends and even see each other after work.


We are satisfied with the commitment that ITIDO is giving to us as a supplier – flexibility and respect to deadlines and our needs. We are establishing a long term business relationship with them and we recommend them as a reliable partner in your Software needs.

Todor Marinov , CEO of Strypes Part of ICT Group