Bosch – Enterprise transformation with advanced software solutions

ITIDO contributes to the digital transformation of Bosch and its software product development


As with many international companies, Bosch Group, the global industrial conglomerate, faces a dual challenge. On one hand, it must transform itself into a digital organization to meet consumer demands. On the other hand, it must stay competitive against other big industrial players from the US and Asia.

On top of that, the company is keeping an eye on emerging AI/ML technologies that set the market pace today. Bosch is well-positioned to benefit from this trend since it has accumulated large amounts of data. However, for a company to stay ahead of the competition, sometimes it all boils down to having the right talent with a skill set at the forefront of innovation.

A side-by-side partnership

In 2021, ITIDO became a partner of Bosch.IO. Thе company, now called Bosch Digital, is an IT subsidiary of the global enterprise. It works on IoT, AI, and other digital technologies in the fields of industrial engineering, energy, automotive, building solutions, and others.

ITIDO’s role is to contribute to the creation of software engineering teams that drive the digital transformation of Bosch and its software product development. While Bosch boasts excellent in-house engineering staff, it also benefits from external help that brings fresh perspectives and know-how. Together, we collaborate on numerous projects, with the most captivating focusing on:

  • Improving manufacturing at scale with digital tools based on Java and Angular.
  • AI/ML research and PoC projects related to knowledge graphs.
  • Development of Android applications.
  • Digital anti-counterfeit solutions for physical goods.
  • Open-source cloud stack for developing applications.

Frequently, the collaboration happens in a hybrid mode. Joint teams work together either remotely or in the offices of Bosch and ITIDO. Depending on the unique project needs, our colleagues travel to Stuttgart or other Bosch locations for workshops, tech conferences, or other face-to-face events.

Future collaboration

Our first steps together were quite promising, and today, we continue to provide an increasing number of services to our enterprise partner: more team extension and product advice. By bringing dedication, involvement, and engineering excellence, ITIDO’s engineers help Bosch teams worldwide solve some of their most complex software problems.

“Our partnership with ITIDO has been an important step in our digital (transformation) journey. Working hand in hand, we’ve achieved remarkable success in multiple projects. Thanks to the great competency and knowledge of the talented individuals at ITIDO, this collaboration has brought a new perspective that led us to inspiring achievements together. We are excited about the promising future ahead and the innovative solutions that await us.“

Sinisha Djukic, General Manager at Bosch Digital Bulgaria

Often our ITIDO people bring expertise from different industries and areas, which make them extremely helpful when it comes to innovative solutions. Having worked together on shop floor digitalization, IoT, and machine learning projects, we look at what the future holds. At ITIDO, we are excited to add value to the efforts of Bosch Digital to “drive digital and AIoT business” within the Bosch Group.

Technologies used:

  • Java
  • Kafka
  • Android
  • Python
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Ext JS
  • MySQL
  • Machine Learning
  • DevOps tools