By investing in you in your early stages, we can grow together and reap the rewards to come


Startups are faced with numerous challenges. From budget limitations and lack of technical expertise, to immature product development processes and know-how.  

At ITIDO, we understand fully what many founders are going through and are here to help. By leveraging our experience, our startup partners are able to achieve significant advantages that allow them to position themselves more competitively.

Instead of worrying about the technical complexities, our startup partners have more time and energy to focus on working on the business. 

Here is an example: the recruitment process. Rather than searching far and wide for the talent they need (an extremely time-consuming process), we step in and provide the right resources that are ready to hit the ground running. Forget about job-posting, scouring CVs, or setting up and conducting interviews – we’ve got you covered.

Another crucial area is product development. With our experience backing you, you can be sure that your product roadmap will not only be defined well, but executed with speed and quality. Our team has worked on many projects and we’ve learnt countless lessons about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building great software. This allows us to iterate quickly, which allows you to bring your ideas to fruition faster.

We help our startup partners with everything from setting up development and quality assurance processes, release and deployment pipelines, and ensuring scalability, maintainability, and extensibility are built into the product from the start. With us on your side, you’re getting skill, experience, diligence, and most importantly, a partner who truly wants you to succeed!

Of course, we understand that most startups are budget-conscious, which is why we offer world-class development expertise and value that is unparalleled. We believe that by investing in you in your early stages, we can grow together and reap the rewards to come.

As they say, the rising tide lifts all boats.

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